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I don''t have the time or inclination to add to all of these threads, so I''m going to put my thoughts into my own thread - I hope you''ll allow me the luxury...

I had a bad feeling about Sunday''s game since the end of last season. Along with the way it was being talked up, our defeat was ready and waiting for those who accept the predictable unpredictability of football. We couldn''t keep getting results at Portman Road, hence why I was continually hoping for a draw...

We did well to go in level at half time. We weren''t playing well (obvious understatement) but if we turned the screw in the second half, they were there for the taking - especially defensively. But it didn''t happen. We got sloppier - although I wouldn''t say we didn''t look capable of scoring when we actually managed to cross the halfway line. Defensively & in midfield, we weren''t good enough with the ball, and we didn''t hassle and harry them as we have done at Portman Road over the last 7 years.

I can honestly say, in all the football I''ve seen, that the match became so predictable the moment Danny Haynes came on. My girlfriend witnessed at first hand my groan and head-in-hands placing when he came on as a substitute (which was followed by unwanted praise for my knowledge and foresight at full time). The guy loves us... The rest was as seen...

We need a new backbone. A new CB, MF & ST - that needs to happen. We need to clear the dead wood. We need to pick ourselves up and get 6 points from the 2 home games coming up, which we are perfectly capable of doing. And we need to settle this score at Carrow Road in March... but we knew most of this before Sunday didn''t we??

I''m afraid that we also need to be realistic and put this all into context.

Ipswich have put in 7 atrocious performances against us at Portman Road in recent years. It wasn''t going to happen indefinitely. Likewise, they are not a good side. We gave them the opportunity to look good on Sunday, and they played at a tempo higher than they would normally. But they will lose plenty more games. Just like we will win plenty more.

I understand being annoyed and upset, as I was. But handing back season tickets? Personally I don''t understand that at all... unless you were already looking for a reason to do so. While we love to think that football is in the complete control of manager and players, surely we can all agree that football also has a habit of dishing up the law of averages...

I''m not saying that was the reason we lost. We lost because we were poor on the day. But the season isn''t over yet. We are also due a win at Selhurst Park. Maybe that will be our side of the coin?

Remember, we finished 9th last sesson, and we have a better side this. We''re only on Chapter 18 of 46 and, although Harry looks like he''s going to get killed by some killer curse from 1st Wizard, there''s still plenty of time for Ron to get a haircut and save the day...

I remember seasons when we beat them at Portman Road. It felt good at the time, until they went on and had a much more successful season than us...

And I''m done. Thank you [*]

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