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Norfolk's £50m bonanza

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It was reported in the Pink Un that Premiership football is worth around £50m to the area in revenue from publicity and visitors.

Good luck to all those who may benefit but I am sure many who will reap the rewards will not have contributed as much economically as the supporters.

The £1.5m raised from existing shareholders that paid for the addition of the 3 strikers upon which promotion has been gained came largely from individuals some who could have better put the funds to personal use. I hope those who benefit from the windfall see the benefit of the gravy train carrying on and assist the club financially to succeed and thrive in the Prem.

The greatest accolade must be paid to Delia and Michael without their financial support this seasons dream just wouldn''t be possible. Something ought to be done locally to reward their efforts, some recognition by the County and City.

Dame Delia perhaps after all Jamie "Fried Willy" gets a gong for cooking for 5 minutes, come on your maj you will be feeling the benefits at Sandringham.

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