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andy laz

blessing in disguise

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At the end of the day we have just banked £600,000 , plus add ons ,

also we are going to save at least £300,000 in wages for the remainder

of his contract what i suggest is we now use this cash and  open

up talks with Huckerby  about extending his contract .For all his

effort & endevor  leon would never  be missed  as

much as if we were to loose hucks , so i am of the oppinion we sign him

up before we loose him at the end of the season ,now that would be

tragedey .Thank you leon you will be remembered for your two goals

against the sc*m and the goal against man utd  But to be honest

you will soon be forgotted as was your honour in asking to leave the

club that stood by you last season through your loss of form , so

called difficuties and injuries .Loyalty , your avin alaugh OTBC

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