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The Duke of Norfolk

Oh dear, at the moment we are all set up for a repeat.....

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of last seasons poisonous atmospheres at Carrow Road.

The season has not yet even started but the sacking of Steve Foley and the lack of signings so far have added fuel to the fire of those wanting Worthington out.

If we don''t sign anyone players of quality this summer then i do fear that we will start next season with a subdued atmosphere at CR which will gather pace into one of anger and frustration within the first  10 games if we don''t get up amongst the frontrunners from the start.

This is the reason Worthington should have gone this summer and we should be starting next season under a new management regime.

All Norwich fans i know are filled with negativity for next season and the games haven''t even started yet.

The only thing that i can see that will prevent our season beginnning with negativity on the fans behalf will be several quality signings, but unfortunately these don''t look like they are going to materialise.

Just picture this scenario, we only sign say Luke Chadwick and Clive Clarke in the summer. We go to Leeds and lose say 2 nil and barely create anything. Are you going to be bubbling with excitement and optimism when we entertain PNE at home?


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