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Promotion - What it will cost?!

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So no we''ve done it, there are quite a few extra costs and debts to pay back.

1. Extra transfer fees (mostly going to Barry Fry who must be celebrating as much as us!) £200k?
2. Player bonuses £??
3. Pitch £650k
4. Infill £3m
5. The loans (obviously we won''t have to pay them all back straight away but we will probably be paying more of them back now)
6. Delia & MWJ (They have thrown huge amounts of money at this club, much of it for nothing and also some of it in loans. Will they want something back?)
7. Shares - will a lot of people cash them in now?

All of which leaves us with 50p for squad strengthening! Only joking, not trying to be negative, i think we can stay up, just wonder how much we''ll have to play with!

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