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Picture the scene

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Picture the scene, tucked away in a darkened room in the secure wing of Ip***ch Mental Hospital. The resident psychiatrist is questioning two straight-jacketed patients......
"Now then Mr.Royle, why do you think you should be allowed back into the community?"
Spud head replies "Because I''ve got the best team in Division 1, we''re going to win promotion, we have the finest loyal fans, the best chairman, and we''re better in defence than everyone else!"
The psychiatrist consults his notes ( the league table), shakes his head and says,
" I''m sorry Mr. Royle, sadly you still appear to be suffering from illusions of grandeur, you clearly cannot be released. I''m going to prescribe a season ticket in the Snakepit, so you can learn how to do the job properly". Spud head struggles as he is led away, back to his padded cell, shouting over his shoulder "We are better than them, we are, we are!"
The psychiatrist looks up and notices his second patient, a drooling clown, jabbering on about " They need 15 new players, they''ll never make it,straight up, straight down, we are better class"
The psychiatrist is clearly alarmed by this display of lunatic behaviour, and calls for the burly assistants to sedate the patient, and whilst backing away from the sad individual, he prescribes yet another season to be spent in Division One, after a dismal display in the playoffs.
The scene ends with the good doctor driving away from the hospital in his new Lotus, and wearing his City shirt,whilst waving at the two patients, now safely back behind bars...or was it just a dream?

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