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Has anyone seen how the results are going at the moment?.....Preston and Cardiff drawing and Wolves losing. What a chance we had last night to pull a Crystal Palace and manouver towards the last  play off berth. These results make last nights shambles even more irritating. Does a five man midfield make up for the fact that none of them are any good? To me it would have seemed a better idea to start with five especially as a win was imperitive. Quite frankly every time I saw Worthys face I longed to be there to smack it with a whole fresh salmon. Judging by Delias face she must have been quite tempted too.

What a wasted opportunity, although I know, deep inside, that Palace would kick our backsides in the playoffs anyway. It would have been nice to see our season last a few more weeks. Now my only fun will be hoping Ipswich lose and that we will be above them at the end of the season. Come on Hull!!!!!!!!!!!!

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