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John Boubepo

Keegan and Worthington to Swap Seaman

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Not true of corse but think of the endless smutty headlines!! Sorry folks but I couldn''t resist it

Did Keegan release Seaman prematurely?

Seaman to fill Wortington''s box

Keegan wipes Seaman from the Man Cityl team sheet

Keegan deposits Seaman into Worthington''s lap

Seaman mess leaves stain on Keegan''s managerial record

Seaman fills Green''s shorts

Man City fans find Seaman release hard to swallow

Big mess at Man City as Keegan lets Seaman go

Keegan to get youngster in for Seaman

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"Trying to swim against the tide explains why seaman always ran out of the tunnel
first at Man City"

"Seeing Seaman on the bench will keep the rest of my players on their toes!!"

"I hope this one comes off, Seaman could make a big splash at Carrow Rd"

"The board must release their grip on the purse strings and make sure Seaman doesn''t slip through their fingers"

Seaman traveling South!!

Keegan may not release Seaman after all!!

Keegan not willing to swap Seaman for a Greenie!!!

Seaman shoots up North

"I''m fed up with this Seaman mess, why doesn''t Keegan just come clean?"

"We never had any trouble sticking a Greenie between the posts, why is it so difficult to stick Seaman there? even with the whole board pulling in the same direction we still couldn''t make it stick!!"

"I feel most sorry for Delia, she bent over backwards trying to pull this one off."

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