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A message for Robert Earnshaw

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Robert, you will probably wonder what on earth you have done signing for a team with a poor midfield and a wobbly defence.The defence, with almost the worst record in the division for goals conceded will get better, especially while Rheman is around. Drury can''t have entirelty lost what he had, and we hope that Colin will improve, and if we can get someone with pace to cover for the Doc....That you didn''t have any sort of service on the ground from the midfield is something the manager regards as a low priority, and it may be a main reason why Ashton left.But hang on in there. Be patient as we will be. You have a good strking partner in Johansson, and McV will supply some skill. Huckerby will come good. Against Ipswich there were just too many underperforming players. We can be better, although probably not as much better as the manager believes!

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