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I am starting to fear that we WILL leave this league

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Like others I was shocked today. Even by Worthless'' standards this was an inept performance. A new team unfamiliar with each other he will say- you make the signings with record amounts of money and you chop and change personnel at will say I.

The thing is we weren''t just poorer than them, we were a lot poorer. One hit post from our sole bright spot (Johanson), but our midfield just isn''t there- they sit too deep give too much space and appear unaware of who is doing what.

I do now fear for how we are going to get the points we need to stay where we are. This isn''t alarmist, but I despair at how low we look collectively. Earny must wonder what on earth he has done. We have sunk a huge distance since promotion, there is no evidence that our decline is slowing or has stopped. This despite two record signings in one year.

What is going on. Where will it end? How can this Board allow such mediocrity to continue and to condone this seemingly endless destruction of what has been built over the last decade.

We need another 10 points or so to at least stay in this league. Would anybody now care to say where those will come from? Are any of you complacent like the Board in blindly assuming that that is not a possibility? Just as promotion is still a mathematical possibility, so is exiting at the other end.

I am very very low today. And even that is an overstatement.

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