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Midfield engine room - firing on one cylinder!!

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I have to say that I watched the debacle Sunday, well 90% of it - the

10% I lost to doing the household ironing was more enjoyable.

Ignoring that I wanted to post the major observation that I had of the game.

Posters have maligned the defense for many of our defeats this season

and also maligned the attack for not putting away what few chances they

have, but what Sunday''s game really exposed was the lack of quality and

effort in midfield. You can''t have a four man midfield where only one

of the four turns up to play.

I was always under the impression that the midfield is the engine room

of your football team - it was when I played there. But what do we see

from the current Canaries?

1. When in possession the maxim "pass and move" seems to work well.

Just watch the Ipswich youngsters on Saturday and you''ll see what I

mean. On the other hand when City had the ball it was very much a case

of get rid of it to the front blokes as quick as you can even if it''s

an appalling pass forward. What happened to the short pass to one of

your team-mates and then move into space to receive the return pass?

2. When NOT in possession, press the opposition. How many times did you

see Ipswich with the ball and City players dropping off them and gving

them space? One classic example for one of Curries shots, when both

Safri and Etuhu (I think) ended up in the six yard box when the Ipswich

guy was outside the 18 yard box.

Both of these aspects game much from the much vaunted work ethic that Worthy prizes so highly but where were they on Sunday?

The engine room needs a major look at with players prepared to work

their balls off and players who have the wherewithall to use the ball

when they''ve got it. Of those on show only Safri fits the bill and on

Sunday even he was a pale imitation of the player on show in the

Premiership. If the pros can''t cut it in the side, which they don''t

appear to, then drop them and bring in the youngsters who have the

hunger to get the job done. Too many journeymen pros in there at the

moment who aren''t prepared to do a "hard days work"!!

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I think you''ve found the answer Morph.

Everyone stay away from the next couple of games and do your ironing (learn if you have to).

There are two benefits here:

1). The Club can clearly see the level of dissatisfaction by all the empty seats which as I said elsewhere make a lot of noise.

2). You have the satisfaction of a nicely creased pair of trousers and a crisp, fresh shirt or blouse to wear.

Sound like a real win win situation.


''Press the Board, I''d rather press my underpants.''

''Watching bored? Fetch the ironing board.''

''It creased me up getting Worthy out.''

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