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a big congrats to those that did demonstrate including those that clapped and supported as they went passed. we have to make sure that we carry on irrespective of a win, draw or loss. We have to get promotion next season, the sooner another manager comes in to work with the team and get to grips with what is required before the summer the better the chances. The last thing we want is worthy to start next season. dont give up!

the club will make the most of any extreme activities, so keep it pleasant. Worthy had done well for us, and the least we can do is not make it personal. we have the public sympathy of fans that dont attend games and the wider view of the norfolk public, apparently even the police on duty at the front were understanding, (a couple were heard to say that if they didnt have their uniform on they would have joined in) - dont allow the club to be able to use thuggish terminology to turn it around.

enough is enough, we''ve been more than patient.


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