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king canary

COVID has proven our owners right

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Bit of a mea culpa post from myself here but I saw today the staggering headline that 10 Championship clubs are now under transfer embargos due to financial issues.

Finances in the Championship have gotten crazier and crazier with a large % of the league having a 100% + wages to turnover ratio, an absolutely unsustainable situation. I've been someone who has been frustrated with the extremely risk averse approach, especially in the top flight but seeing all around us now it is clear we're likely to ride out this particular crisis in much stronger shape than almost all of the other 23 teams in our league.

While i don't believe our owners/board predicted a large scale global pandemic that would drastically hurt revenue at this level, their cautious approach to wage management and financial planning has been entirely vindicated by recent events. 

I'd still argue that we need to find ways to be able to spend a bit more in the Premier League if we're to have a decent shot at survival but I have to hold my hands up and say the owners/board have done a fantastic job in making sure this club is in the healthiest financial state it could be.

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