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hampton canary

We need to tweak our tactics so we are not predictable.

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I think it is fair to say that most opposition managers know exactly how we are going to play, and can plan accordingly. I would like to see our coach tweak our tactics so as to give the opposition something to think about.  My suggestions would be to possibly start with 2 strikers, as playing just Pukki makes it easy for their centre backs. I would like him to change the zonal marking for corners and leave our quickest player on the halfway line so we have an outlet when we win a header or Krul catches the ball. Finally, cut back on the insistence of Krul to give the ball to either central defender every time, invariably those defenders are pressed and we end up giving the ball away. These are not major points but it would at least be worth trying  occasionally. When we move the ball quickly going forward no side can handle us, unfortunately we spend more time passing sideways and backwards and we become predictable.

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