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we should have expected more from the player. why worthy?

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worthy says about a departing brennan, city expected more from him, and to be honest I never rated him as a left midfielder and in isolation would probably agree with worthy''s assessment. However,  brennan came here as a left back and hardly ever played there because drury has made that posi his own and so why should we have expected more from brennan when he was always played out of position?charlie''s display against watford exposed us too easily and surely brennan should have been given a chance in his favoured position in the second half? i thought so, and so probably did brennan.Burley comes in, brennans off double quick. why?  Because, surprise, surprise - brennan makes his debut for the saints as a LEFT BACK. expect some much improved performances from him as a result  - by seasons end burley will probably declare brennan has done more than expected of him.another worthy classic. lol.

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