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The Slow crawl down the footballing world!

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(Note: Before you start reading this, I warn you. You''ve heard before it all before, sorry for that but i need to get it off my chest)

From the happiness of being in the premiership last year to where we are now! Worthy has let us all down this year. When Ashton got sold i was annoyed but i thought any good manager would put the money back into the team (Hate to say it but like Burley at Southampton) Why can''t Worthy do this? I think Peter Madsen and Alexandre Ostlund will be great for Southampton. Anyway when Ashton got sold i was annoyed but then i realised that we''ve got money YAY! With all the rumours going around i was looking forward to seeing the likes of Jerome, Earnshaw, Davenport, Halford and others in the yellow and green but alias Nothing and when tomorrow comes it''ll be more of the same.

Worthy nets a Loan signing! Way-Hay. I love the club like we all do (I think) but something needs to be done about it but who''ll make the first step..................................I''ve got a horrid feeling we might end up like Stockport. 4 Seasons ago there were in the old Nationwide diversion One and now there at the bottom maybe going into the conference. I hope not. Worthy, Delia, Michael , ANYONE! Help this club!

P.S. The last day of the transfer window ain''t gonna bring any surprises. Don''t get excited!

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