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Hey ho, Brighton next

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No complaints from me.

I watched City players giving their all. Five youth players proving that the long term plan is working...... and had some amusement from reading long forgotten log in's being resurrected to denounce the evil of the club - like some Old Testament prophets their words are full of fire and brimstone.... and flatulence.

If we go down it won't be a collapse like B;mouth who have often struggled to fill their 12,000 capacity ground, nor with huge debts and wage bill like Villa.

We will be  in a league where clubs ex PL sit beached mid table, or even in the shadows of relegation sit. Almost everyone having shown 'hambition' (spending what you can't afford) or having the benefit of some long gone 'hinvestor'

 City were never going to follow that route. One that offers a few seasons in the PL followed by collapse - only for another hopeful to step into the ring

So to all those genuine supporters who have seen all this, have watched the club through good and dad times, who know we'll come good again.........here's to Saturday 😍

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