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Well if everyone is doing it

I am back from a bit of an exile as business keeps me away from the message board, never the games though.

I have posted on here before as yellaman and bushy but always have trouble after a while getting back on so got bored and re registered.

I think post Ashton it is now time for a team effort in an over the trenches mentality to start doing what we should have done more convincingly last season and play like we mean it and want to win.

We as fans do not expect to win and nor do we believe that we should win as but what we do require is that all the players who wear the shirt do so with pride and play with passion, something that is a little lacking of late.

I think Worthy has run his course and should be replaced as he seems to lack options and inventiveness. He has done well for the club but I honestly believe that his negative aspects now outweigh the positives.

I would struggle to name an immediate replacement but that is not a basis for leaving things alone.

Well if nothing else we can look forward to the scum and maybe we can raise our game for that one.


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