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Can't help but notice nobody has done this yet, so here we go.

Krul 7.0: Kept the scoreline respectable with several good saves. Our best player by a distance.

Aarons 5.5: Defensive positioning found wanting again. He was a few yards too wide for the first goal allowing his man a free run on the inside which is something a full back should never do, but he's only young and hopefully he'll learn fast, because he needs to. Redeemed himself by being one of the most dangerous players going forward.

Zimmermann 6.0: Didn't have much time on the pitch, but looked at home before his injury. He was beaten a couple of times before he went off, but that was because he was clearly struggling after Haller's table.

Godfrey 5.5: Too slow to react for the first goal, allowing Haller to get in ahead of him. Had to deal with a lot of pressure in the second half in particular, but wasn't given much protection.

Lewis 5.5: Another defender who found it hard to cope with wave after wave of West Ham attacks. 

Trybull 5.0: Overrun in midfield and offered little protection for the defence. He seems to struggle more than most against better opposition: is he not up to it, or is he being given too much work to do by having just Leitner alongside him?

Leitner 5.0: Not his best day. Didn't really create with the ball and didn't protect the defence either.

Buendia 5.0: At the start of the season, he was the one I had fewest doubts about, but it just isn't happening at the moment for him. Appears frustrated at his lack of impact.

Stiepermann 5.5: Arguably the most threatening of our attacking players yesterday. At least he was trying to drive forward, hold the ball up and do what he's in the team for, although it wasn't terribly successful.

Cantwell 5.5: A bit careless in possession at times and not as creative as he has showed recently, although he looked the most likely in the first half. Could he have sorted himself out better for the header in the first half?

Pukki 5.0: I'm sure people will point to his lack of service, but he wasn't in a good position to receive the ball as much as usual. His movement wasn't quite what it normally is, but fingers crossed it's just an off day.


Amadou 6.0: Made an error straight after coming on which could've been costly, but you could argue he wasn't up to speed with the game. Was under pressure for most of the game but wasn't given the protection he needs in that role, especially considering it isn't his natural position.

Drmic 6.0: Looked lively and got into decent positions a couple of times, but couldn't make the most of them.

McLean 6.0: Wasn't on the pitch long, but put in a very good cross for Drmic.

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