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Oso Butch

RANT: All I want to know is....

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... who paid for Ashton''s scan?  Man City? Portsmouth?  Why keep it under wraps until 18.00 hrs on Saturday?

I still find it irritating (understatement...) that the supporters, in particular, were ''wound up'' by Worthless (and the Board?) on Saturday.  The tension in the Jarrold stand crowd from half-time onwards was palpable - I kept getting text messages from friends saying ''there''ll be an announcement after the game'' which, to me, meant that the club were either about to confirm his transfer, or were deliberately hyping up the Ashton situation. 

I still think they''re doing it deliberately, to encourage the offer they''d love to get. Otherwise, I just cannot make sense of their actions.  The ''announcement'' turned out to be nothing of the sort. If Roy Waller and the press hadn''t asked Worthless the relevant question, there''d have been no announcement at all. By definition, an ''announcement'' does not need the prompting of a media reporter''s question... 

IMO, there was never meant to be an announcement....  It was Worthless and Co having sport with their paying - and long-suffering - supporters. Well, I for one didn''t find it funny...

And I believe that Neil (''we never lie'') Doncaster and Worthless are just playing with words. No, they probably haven''t ''had an offer'' - as Worthless insisted on Saturday - but they''ve clearly had enquiries: from Wigan, twice, and from Portsmouth, if no other - and it''s quite clear to me they want the price to go up so they can bite off the hand of the club which makes the ''right'' offer (whatever that is, in their tiny minds).

Rant (more or less) over - after 2 miserable performances on Monday and Saturday, I just feel SO p**sed off, I cannot describe it.... [:@]

Just one last thing - as for Worthless saying that West Ham ''paid us respect'' by fielding ''a full Premiership side'', that just makes me want to spit... I thought we aspired to be a Premiership team? He talks as though we''re bl**dy Burton Albion....

I''''m off for a beer - that bl**dy man is driving me to drink............................

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I think worthless had lost the game before it was even played.  We only lost Francis and Helveg from our premiership 11 last year, the rest left because worthy let them leave.  West Ham didnt even feel the need to try particuarly hard by the sounds of things.  It seemed to me that they just won it at a canter, the result was never really in doubt.  The latest Center Midfield partnership of JJ and Dicko was poor, Hendo was exactly what he always is, a striker on the right wing because we have no right midfielder.  Simon Charlton on the left may as well have not been in the side.

It annoys me thjat McVeigh could have played left wing if we had another striker, but having let young prospect Crow leave for nothing we are suddenly short up front when a few injuries come.  If we actually had a right midfielder Hendo could have played up front.

Also why do we not attack teams in the last 10 - 15 minutes during these cup games - the doc should have been pushed up and we should have gone for it.  As it was you get the impression worthy wasnt that bothered with the cup.  So 8 Third round exits in 9 then.......

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