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What's his game?

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So now we are interested in McSheffery? Add this to the four, - two at cardiff, one Sunderland, etc that he was talking about a short while ago. There is no way we seem to have enough money to by these without selling what we have, and that means Ashton.Is he engaged in public relations to convince the supporters that they are spending time and energy trying to build a better team, but......? Or is it directed at the Board?Is he trying to de-stabilise other teams by setting up tensions?Is he trying to persuade other teams to rush in and buy, like Megson used to?Is he making a smoke screen to deflect attention away from where he is really looking?He has done this in the past, and it transpired that our interest was no more than making a friendly enquiry about availability. Then suddenly and unexpected we buy someone altogether diffierent.Whatever is happening, please Mr. Worthington, this time buy quality. We have spent too much over the last eighteen months, and achieved only Ashton of any real quality!

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