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we buy the wrong type of player

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We seem to be happy to buy other teams'' cast offs instead of buying players that are proving their worth at a lower level. We all know that Worthington has a love affair of buying blockers, but surely young players in lower leagues learn how to look after themselves pretty quickly.

We seem to pick up players who are either very injury prone (like MLJ) or unable to make the team at the club they are at on the basis that they are not good enough. Agreed, Huckerby may be an exception, but only Dean Ashton came to us as a player in form, and as a result we could have doubled our money on the basis of what he did in a few months.

With so much money in football there appears to be a whole host of players that are just perfectly happy to take the money without giving the performances.

I like to look at things this way; we have to accept that there will be players at this club who, on the whole, are not good enough to be at higher clubs otherwise they would be. Take Safri for example, a great talent that we are lucky to watch. If he was fitter and less injury prone would he remain outside of the top league ? Huckerby, again likewise, he''s had his fair share of big clubs and transfer fees, but frequently sold for not delivering at the top level. The only massive exception is Dean Ashton, who of course is the sort of player we should look for, young, showed promise etc etc. Whilst I agree that you cant splash £3m about, there are many, many players available with promise for a fraction of that fee. Reality is that we have to buy, develop and sell.  We always have, and always will until we become a settled Prem club. That, I believe is one of the reasons why, despite a season in the land of milk and honey, we appear to be skint. We buy players for good money and sell them for less (normally free) To break the mould we have to bring through younger players, both from inside and outside the club (wages are much less too.) Is that going to happen with the status quo we have, I''ll let you decide.


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