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Shape of the side at Anfield

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Apologies if this is mentioned elsewhere.  

On the question of Mo Leitner, he did look at home out there, whereas Stiepie has looked off colour and not particularly happy leading into the game.

There were to very obvious tactical changes with the two tactical substitutions. Stiepie coming off put Mo into the number 10 role, which against Liverpool is arguably the most invidious position on the pitch.

When Onel came on, Todd shifted to number 10 (where his extraordinary ability flourishes best) and Mo dropped deeper into a deep midfield pivot role. That, to me, looked our best formation. Players, in form, in their best positions.

Completely seperately, I would love to hear how others thought that Liverpool, knowing that we are 100% zonal on defensive set pieces, approached corners.

Back at 6am gesterday morning btw. Complete nightmare journey, both ways.


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