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can i just say..

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that football changes very quickly and you all have to accept that opinions do. Some will be pig headed and insist that they were right and always will be, others not quite so, whilst many will sit on the fence and adjust according to the prevailing wind. But when all is said and done no-one will ever prove that a new manager would have been any better or worse than what Worthington has done. The board remain united and to be fair any person who wants to end 5 in 5 is a nutter (are u listening wiz?)

And for all u smugites out there, it''s worthwhile remembering that many suppporters requested change, and changes were made. All ''sides'' must see that we have a compromise between two camps that is working. Whether it be a psychologist or not (why wasnt there one anyway) no-one can argue with our current form. Period.

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