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Balham Yellow

Surely you weren't that easily convinced?

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We are still a poor side.  We may have won five games on the trot but how many of those were down to quality displays - we were poor at Leicester, patchy against Burnley.

We are going to have a very bleak January.  We do not have a midfield.  Etuhu and Robinson aren''t even permanent squad members.  How can we have such a weak, threadbare squad?  Compared to other teams in this league we have had a significant amount of money to spend.

The central midfielder we signed at the beginning of the season is so awful that he''s already been off loaded to another club.  Etuhu is about to become the next waste of space signing.  I firmly believe Worthington does not have what it takes to move the club forward and nothing I''ve seen in the last month has done anything to change that opinion.

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