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half a million quid of norwich city's money WASTED in an instant!!!

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i just cannot beleive we paid half a million pounds on this crap player!!  other NCFC managers have never had this much money. As a club we are quickly getting worse and worse.

For all the plaudits for 5 wins out of 6, worthy then goes and wastes our money shocking most fans on this board, Wrath of the barclay and the Canaries.co.uk board!!  did you not here huge chants from City of send him back.  On the should we sign post there was about 20 nos and 3 yes''s.  What the hell do the yes''s see in him that the rest of us and Preston fans dont???

half a million pounds!!!  how can the board let worthy waste this money on a player who has done crap all since being here and lazed about the park as if he had already signed.  not a player trying to earn a move!!!

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