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Ulf Ottosson

In Defence of Worthy Re - Youngsters

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Am I the only one who thinks the stick Worthy gets over not playing the youngsters is a bit harsh. I mean we are talking : Ryan Jarvis, Shacks, Hendo, Danny Crow and now Rossi Jarvis. The problem as I see it is that he''s never been in a situation to let them play I mean his three seasons we were fighting promotion campaigns and last year we were fighting for are lives in the premiership - seasons where one or two points were crucial - not an environment where you can throw in green youngster and as for this season - I mean Crow''s gone and Shacks / Ryan Jarvis have been injured all year and Hendo as played nearly every game quite a few up front. As for Rossi Jarvis he is only 16 and a LEFT BACK by trade not a midfield player, the only reason he got near team was everyone else was injured plus at the moment Worthy probably doing him a favour by leaving him out.

As for the release of Crow - I mean come on he''s got six goals in Div 2 and if we would have kept him on he would have been behind (Deep Breath) Ashton, Huckerby, Leon, Thorne, McVeigh, Henderson, Jarvis, Doherty so it was best for all parties that he left.

Henderson - must have played over 50 games and as never pulled up trees really

Shackell - Did well last year but hardly stemed the flow of goals and made a number of errors which led directly to goals - before last year we had Fleming / MacKay partnership

Ryan Jarvis - Well he''s the only one I feel a bit sorry for because he''s looked good when given the chance but has been injured at the wrong times - could get his chance though if Ashton leaves...

As for Loaning them out well with a squad of little over 18 players he simply can''t afford too loan them out when after a couple of injuries would give them spot on the bench.

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