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Daz Sparks

Farke doesn't choke.

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The man is a legend already, what a thoroughly decent magnificent chap he is. He took his opportunity here and grasped it both hands, anyone with an ounce of sense could see what he was trying to achieve from the first few press conferences, and when we kicked off his first game, it had the stamp of Daniel Farke on it. Albeit that first season was still shackled with the malaise of 3-4 seasons of excessive wages, aged players and a culture that was just plain wrong.

Did Df veer of course, never, did he bow to pressure of the doubters, not a chance, he never flinched, he looked to the ones that always supported him and simply carried on, head down and towards the goalĀ and boy has he paid us ALL back, what a man, what a coach and what a team he has assembled. I cannot wait for the next chapter whether it be a period in the Prem or a season in and a season back in the Champs, because you just know with Daniel at the wheel, stuff is gonna happen!!

To Daniel Farke I give thanks, what a brilliant season, what an achievement, what a man!

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