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A most disturbing thought thay must be read

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What with all the talk of Worthy In or Out, I genuinely felt the teams recent poor performances were down to the fact that Worthy had lost the dressing room and that the players had collectively decided they would do their best to get Worthy the sack.

I do not need to elaborate on Worthy''s managerial failings.

But yesterdays result does raise serious questions.  By coming back and winning the game when another defeat may have spelt the end of Worthy indicates the players are doing their best.  By putting out our best players and team we only scrape past the second worst team in this division this sends out warning signals that our best are a pretty poor bunch.  How our best will fare against the divisions better sides leaves our team and club in a pretty poor state.

All this rubbish about the quality of the City players is fatuous nonsense they are just average Championship fare. 

Whether Worthy stays or goes we are faced with the prospect of having a poor team which will be badly led, and come January when the saleable assets are disposed of the future looks pretty bleak.

We need someone who can identify ability and can exploit it, Worthy is not that man. 

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