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Having endured the trip to the "GAME?" on the coach yesterday afternoon. I thought to myself after the "have yer first win this season at home lions!" performance, how could we ''air our discontent'' to the board, the coaching staff and the players?

Then, as we pulled away from the NEW (breeze blocks ''R'' us) DEN, I espied the NCFC team coach.

I instantly thought, that spare seats should be made available on the supporters'' coaches, and then members of the board, the coaching staff and the underachievers  - should then be indiscriminately put on the various long suffering supporters transport, to endure the trip back to Norwich''s Floundering Carrow Rd.  And in turn, allow sweepstake ticket winning fans - the opportunity to return travel on their cosy omnibus.( No point of an empty coach returning to Norfolk! ). This suggestion, will hopefully allow free and open discussion - coupled with sensible debate, with the people who from all aspects of NCFC, are ultimately  responsible for the running of this club.  

Just a thought......but it''d give me great and personal pleasure to witness the boogers being put on the rack!  ;~)  KEEP THE FILTH! and ON THE FALL CITY!


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