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Rudolph Hucker

Worthy WILL turn this around

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Have faith,Worthy will turn our performances around.

Christmas will be a happy time for all followers of the yellow and green.

There will be peace on earth and goodwill to all men.

A benevolent saint will navigate your chimney and if you don''t have a chimney he will enter your home by artifice through the use of an Elf.

For this is a magic time and all things are possible. And, slap my stockinged thigh if it isn''t Pantomime time too. Oh! look at that funny pantomime horse, the front end does''t know what the rear end is doing and vice versa, I wonder who can be in there. And just look at silver haired uncle Abanazer, if he doesn''t stop rubbing that lamp so hard he''ll take the gilt off it (no more Genies out of bottles for him. And who do these boots fit. They used to belong to Iwanella; just look at those funny men trying to fill them.

Nurse says stop now.

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