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Dead Man Walking

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Should Worthless manage to dig us out of the hole he has largely created which seems ever more unlikely.  For many of us he has burt his boats as a manager, any future transfer deals, future substitutions or the use of any tactics will be viewed with scepticism by a large and growing section of the support.

Just say and I am trying to be serious here we made it back to the Prem, where we managed to turn a £20m windfall into a loss.  Would you trust Worthy to spend the £3.50 the Board will give him wisely and turn our current squad into a credible outfit.  Remember last season I am sure you do, answer honestly would Worthy turn into acreditable manager overnight.  The answer an emphatic No.

Who would replace him I hear you apologists carouse, tell me that, anyone with an ounce of passion or fire in his belly.  Holloway, Newell or anyone but this clown.

He''s been given 2 weeks to whip his boys into shape, owever they disappear for at least 2 days, perception is everything the perception is Worthy is doing nothing, but give the silent sulks, tht will inspire them.

I think you know where I am coming from but in case you are in any doubt drop the dead donkey for the future of our beloved club and make it before Xmas when my hat trick games are, please. 

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