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Graeme Miles

Where did it all go wrong? / Missed Opportunities

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Can anyone else remember how great it was when Huckerby/Crouch/Harper arrived on loan? There was a great buzz everywhere, It felt like Worthy had taken the big step forward, hauling the club forward after the playoff defeat 2 seasons before.

We all campaigned hard, and it felt fantastic when worthy ''convinced'' the board to buy hucks. FINALLY, there was money available to sign players after years of nothing. Then came McKenzie, then we were promoted. Then the signings SHOULD have come flooding in.

I''m sure Worthington wasn''t given a load of blank cheques to sign players to the club, but surely he spent money on what he believed to be good players. He spent it on Helveg, Jonson, Safri etc and never gave any of them a decent run in the premiership, until he got worried and signed ashton (a good panic buy/investment). But surely if the players that HE signed hardly got a look in, no matter how good they were individually, they were BAD signings?!

Am I making sense? Worthington Finally got the club to a position where it had good(ish) money to buy players and he stuffed it up. Missed opportunity.

He then signed players that he couldn''t fit into the systems he wanted to play, making them bad, or ill-advised purchases. It all went wrong.

Look at Wigan and West Ham, ok, there was money about but the players they signed are being well used (to the best of my knowledge). We failed to make any decent signings in the summer before the prem season and paid the price. And we''re still paying it now.

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