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Yella Fella

Wolves Player Ratings :-(

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Just got back from the shambles at Wolves.  I can safely say that it is the worst performance i have seen from Norwich in many years.  The midfield was non-existent, the strikers looked clueless and the defence wasnt much better.  Worthless just sat there looking worried - which doesnt really help an awful lot when you''re 2-0 down.  Quite frankly it was men against boys.  No creativity, no passion, no chance.  The players simply didnt look interested.  We missed Saf and we missed him bad.  Mark my words, we are going NOWHERE this season.  Well, here are my player ratings anyway:-

Green - 6 - couldnt really be faulted for the goals, looked comfortable with most balls, poor vision at times though when he had the ball he just tended to hoof upfield.

Colin - 5 - caught out of position too many times, useless at throw-ins, gave nothing going forward, generally clueless.

Doherty - 7 - a tough one really, he looked class at times, won everything in the air, strong in the tackle and some good covering runs.  However he gave the ball away in some silly positions and looked slow at times.

Davenport - 7 - again very strong in the air and some good tackles.  Looked nervous on the ball and got caught in possesion - although he made a great tackle to recover on one occasion.

Drury - 5 - doesnt look at all solid, never closed down his man for the first goal.  What has happened to Mr. Dependable? Not the worst player though by a long way.

McVeigh - 5 - annonoymous for large parts of the game, had our best shot with a brilliant volley.  To me he just looks too lightweight

Brennan - 4 - not cutting it in the middle, offered little for either defence or attack.

Jarrett - 0 - useless is not harsh enough.  This guy really takes the biscuit for me.  He looks lazy, clumsy and generally incompetent.  Totally rubbish.  No first touch, poor passing, no speed, little fitness.  His vision is non-existent, every pass went to Wolves.  He gave up a chance of playing in the Prem to pay for us (rather play for the money) says it all really.

Huckerby - 2 - two words, lazy diver.

Ashton - 5 - worked hard and in fairness had little or no service.  Looks slow and always seemed to jump too early for the headers.

Henderson - 6 - big effort and he got the Wolves'' fans backs up which was funny.  Again too lightweight, but i admire his work-rate, the only player to try to get the crowd going throughout the game.  Had no chance against the big, strong Lescott.  Blasted our best chance well, well, well over the bar from about 8 yards!


Thorne - 5 - added nothing.

Rossi Jarvis - 8 - MOTM did more in about 10 minutes then Brennan or Jarrett did all game.  Looked hungry, bright and lively.  Good touches, good runs and good link-up play.  Lacked the confidence to shoot when he had the chance but that will come in time.  Give the lad a start.

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[quote]Just got back from the shambles at Wolves. I can safely say that it is the worst performance i have seen from Norwich in many years. The midfield was non-existent, the strikers looked clueless and t...[/quote]

Jarrett and Rossi Jarvis...


What a rating!!!

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