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he has lost the dressing room

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they dont want to play for him anymore, simple as...

He can sit there and try and muddle through until january, then have a huge clearout before hoping he cobbles together a load of misfits who might keep us up, or he can go.

 In my opnion if he has lost the dressing room then he MUST resign, its no good sitting there and hoping everything will work itself out, or that it will go away because it wont.

 In football, if you lose the dressing room then thats it, i have listend to the clip on the Radio and have heard him brand the players "spineless". The players will hear that and will also read it on the net. this coming just days after Worthington lambasts the Internet and its users, it seems something he says could ultimately cost him everything.

 Im being honest here when i say give him to the end of the week... With the players no longer wanting to play for him and doing their own thing it will matter little what he says until he decides that he will have to walk away. Even if he doesnt want too, once the players no longer want to play for you theres nothing you can do.

 I do feel sorry for him after listening to him on the radio, but we all saw this coming a long while ago, he was the only one who couldnt, he remained Stubborn and Bullish and has now paid the price.

 With no one left on his side it wont matter what the board say. He will resign this week. no pay off needed, money in bank to get someone in to save us from the drop and perhaps kick a few backsides... 1 month in the reserves for a mr Huckerby perhaps?


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