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Voicing the Fans Opinion

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A colleague of mine is a Notts Forest fan, his son was in the academy set up until it was dissolved to pay off a club debt.  He was telling me about goings on that finally led to 2 supporters being invited in to the Forest dressing room by Gary Megson to berate the players for their dismal performances.

Apparently the 2 fans lucky enough to get access we''re quite calm and what they had to say was heartfelt.  Prior to this alot of Forest fans had moaning to Megson about lack of performance, so he decided to let his players hear the truth from the people who fork out their hard earned cash every week & have to put up with "spineless performances".

We need something like that to happen at OUR club, it''s all very well the players coming out with "the fans who pay their hard earned money" line week after week.  Yes, it is hard earned, the players should remember that next time they lace up their boots and run out at Carrow Rd.  We all work damned hard for our money, which we in turn give to the Football Club to watch the team, so it''s about time they worked hard to earn it, no matter who the manager is!

OTBC, upwards & onwards, it''s about time.

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