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The Brummie Game

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I attended last night and my over all thoughts:

Green is not commanding his area at all, several crosses that he should of come for.  Made some good stops though and handling was good on a greasy pitch.

Fleming - Comfortable on the ball, didnt get forward enough, a reasonable game.

Doc - Good in the air, never really had any problems to deal with.

Davenport - Solid again, very good on the ball, strong in the air and tackle, his reading of the game is also very good, covered up for Brennan on many an occasion.

Brennan - awful, should be dropped for next game, he was an absolute liability, out of position, miss controling, giving the ball away and losing his marker regularly.  The penalty he gave away was really stupid, he missed an easy header and then left his leg out wich Heskey dived over.

Marney - Looked unfit, one or two runs, was ok in possession, but think if we had more fit players, wouldnt be playing.

Hughes - good but again looked a bit unfit, still was involved in most elements of play.  Due to fitness he was making as many forward runs as last i saw him play.

Jarret - Looked very light weight in midfield, didnt really get stuck in enough for me and his final ball was usually poor.

Charlton - Didnt really do anything of note right or wrong.

Ashton is having to look far too much for the ball, regularly receiving it level with our midfield or on either flank.

Huckerby - was pretty poor to be honest, regularly ran in to blind alleys (when he managed to control the ball), he is far too predictable.  When moved to left midfield was very lazy in his defensive duties, never tracked back and regularly sat back and watched. 

Henderson - Was really lively when he came on, good control and passing, deserves to start next game.  If he had been picked out by hucks rather than Rossi towards the end (which would of been an easier pass) he would of scored.

Rossi - Wasnt on long, but got stuck in, the chance he had to score the pass was a little short so couldnt have done any more really.


Defence - fairly solid apart from Brennan.

Midfield - Looks what it is at the moment, patched together with alot of unfit players.

Attack - suffering from lack of support from midfield.

Next game:

Drop brennan, bring Charlton to left back, switch Huckerby to left (although if hes still not performing by half time bring on Mcveigh for him) and bring Henderson into the starting lineup.  I would also seriously consider swapping Jarret for Rossi Jarvis, because the midfield really needs the energy at the moment.

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