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FatMan Fat

This is my last post until...

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This is my last post until.....

Either Worthington goes.


We get into the playoffs/auto promotion.

I just can''t keep posting about my dissatisfaction and frustration at the ineptness of Worthington as a manager and see that the Club does nothing about it.

If the "Worthington In" camp are correct he will turn things around and we will reach the playoffs - can''t see it myself much to my chagrin.

Once again we had mystifying selections and formations coupled to a performance more akin to a surrender than a fight. Then we had Worthington''s completely ineffectual after match comments...so if every one is as strong as he is we will be alright...my arse!!

So, one way or the other its "Au Revoir" from me.

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Fatman Fat

I am alarmed to read this, I hope that your post above was entirely due to yesterday''s performance and you will reconsider.

I have agreed with most of your posts over the past few seasons, but that is not the reason I think you should stay, you (and several others) have always posted intelligent thoughts without the need for petty mudslinging, a lot of which has recently come onto this board.

Still, if you can''t be persuaded to return I will have to stay and fight our corner for you.  Fancy that, a girl staying to the bitter end!

Sorry, only joking.  This season is fast becoming pretty unbearable, and all of us are v depressed.  I cannot still bring myself to boo, yet am immensely disappointed and angry that nothing is being done to halt this slide. 

Maybe the AGM tomorrow night will be the day that our terrible league position and the fact lots of shareholder fans voicing their discontent will actually make the board realise that something has to be done.

Fatman Fat, I hope something is done soon.  Please don''t give up.  This club of ours will never die and eventually the people responsible will have to wake up and smell the proverbial.


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