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Saint Canary

Norwich City 0 - 0 Reading

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I forget the exact year (96 or 97) and month (as I think I have tried my utmost to block this out) but I remember it was a midweek game at a cold Carrow Road.  I was sat in the crowd of a half empty ground and the atmosphere was pretty much non-existent.  Out came City and their opponents for the game Reading, there was a bit more noise but I remember feeling that Carrow Road felt very lifeless. 

The 90 minutes went by but it felt like 6 hours, absolutely nothing happened.  Up front we had the "second coming" of Fleck and it was clear that he was not even half the player we had sold to Chelsea a few years previously.  I can''t remember any chances of note for us or Reading and it was a thoroughly depressing affair.  I had never felt so low after a City game before or since and I was there when we were mauled by Ipswich. 

It wasn''t the dullness of the game that made me feel so depressed, it was the realisation that Reading were the poorest side I had seen for many years and we were no better.  Walking past the train station on my way home is when it first really hit me, we had no chance of getting back into the Premier League this season or for many to come.  The only way we were getting out of this league in the next few seasons was via relegation, it was awful.  As a club we were going absolutely nowhere.

What has this got to do with anything now though?  Well I had a very similar feeling walking past the train station again Saturday.  We seem to be stuck in a mire again, the big difference this time though is that we have players who are more than capable of winning this league yet it’s going to be a battle to just make 6th place.  Despite having the players and after only a third of the season gone, the opportunity of winning the league or getting automatic promotion are gone.  No-one would have predicted this in August. 

I know we are only 8 points from the play-offs but we are also only 1 point from the relegation zone and 4 points from bottom and put bluntly, this is simply not good.  At the moment we look like a team heading for relegation and results need to pick up as of Tuesday night.  We simply cannot afford to fall further behind.

We are running out of excuses of which to protect the club with.  We cannot hide behind “Palace and Southampton are finding it hard to adapt” as their results are picking up and they are in 6th and 7th place.  We can no longer blame injuries, as almost all of our strongest 11 are available now.  I don’t know what is needed to turn things around, it may be a change of manager or just simply a bit of good luck but it needs to change Tuesday against Cardiff.  I will be there and singing my heart out, I just hope the players and manager can emulate my passion.


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