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Still Plenty To Look Forward To.....

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24 hrs have now passed since the display yesterday and must admit I have now calmed down a bit after the shock (or was it) of losing to Bradford and must admit that we still have plenty to look forward to. NW admitted himself that there will be plenty of twists and turns over the next 20 games and I bet none of the current top six will go the last 19 games without losing now and again that is why this league this season is so tight with no one running away with it. We are still top - 2 points clear - have Rotherham away in next game (which although will not be easy I believe Worthy will have them fired up for it after yesterday) and then we have Sheff Utd whom if we beat will be points taken off a main challenger. Then we have three hard games but again all against main challengers whom if we take points would set us up nicely for the last 14 games. At the end of the day we cannot play any worse than Sat and if we can sneak it at Rotherham will be on the way again.

Yes it was a bad display but lets hope that it is out of our system and we dont enter a bad patch of a few games. The automatic promotion spots I believe are still up for grabs but the ones to watch are Sunderland (excellent run at the mo) and Sheff Utd (if win game in hand will be just one point behind us with them to visit us in two weeks). Still all to look forward to and would be very disappointed if we did not make auto spot as I believe we are and have been bar one or two results deserving of it.

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