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We will be top.........

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After watching the team against Brentford, a lot of the players looked like they needed a rest - we got away with it on Saturday but to finish in the automatic positions we need depth. The current starting eleven need to avoid injury, staleness and need competition for places to keep them on their toes. The biggest problem areas are the fullbacks and striker. If Aarons is out who can take his place ? - sorry not Pinto - he''s a liability ! I''m not being negative or trolling, just being realistic ! What about Lewis, who comes in for him ? switch Steipermann from midfield? I think DF has got the formula right with Steipermann. Yes McLean is best suited for 10 but could his injury be a blessing in disguise ? Steipermann is a strong "rugged" player who is pressing and winning tackles higher up the pitch. With Tettey playing in front of the defence and Steplemann in the attacking third, this has allowed us to win the ball and the midfield battle which has lead to our positive results. We will win by the odd goal most times with Steipermann playing. If McLean was playing we may see 2 or 3 goal winning margins but fewer victories. Nothing wrong with McLean, he will play his part but Steipermann should remain in midfield if possible. So new players to cover both Aarons and Lewis.
Also we need another decent striker. Srbeny doesn''t fill me with confidence. Can DF do something with Oliveira ? If not bring someone in.
Tettey will determine if we succeed or fail. This has been a "given" year in year out and doesn''t change.
Fill these positions and we have a chance. 

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