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Freddy H

Everton Apology

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The Evening news has challenged NCFC supporters to get an apology out of Ian Ross Evertons head of corporate affairs. I sent the following email:-

Mr Ross,

Concerning Saturdays FA cup game v Norwich City. Now that the Football Association have released a short statement saying there was no evidence of Norwich City fans making racist comments at the match and it would be taking no further action, isn''t it about time that you issued an apology to all Norwich City fans?

And received this reply:-

The FA''s statement does not say there was no evidence.......
Good luck for the remainder of the season
Ian Ross

Anybody else want to try?

If the Evening News can''t wring an apology out of him, perhaps you can. We suggest you contact him directly and demand an apology. Mr Ross''s work telephone number is 0151 330 2322, his e-mail address is ian.ross@evertonfc.com and his office address is Ian Ross, head of corporate affairs, Everton Football Club, Park End Building, Goodison Park, Goodison Road, Liverpool, L4 4EL.

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