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Anyone spot the worst VAR moment from last Wednesday?

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The 3 Chelsea diving bookings were theoretically all correct on VAR as there was no evidence of a clear error to overturn the on-field call. This will nearly always be the case in most penalty decisions; William''s penalty was about a 75% penalty, but he was going down. However, in the shoot out, (which I assume is a goal and can be overturned?) Caballero left his line before Oliveira struck the ball. This isn''t an opinion, this is fact. Now, in all 9 penalties this happened and would be a shambles if in each save a retake was applied. But you can''t introduce VAR, expect all bad decisions to be eradicated and the good things of the game to remain the same. Referees don''t apply all the laws in order to allow flow and common sense. Introducing VAR requires laws to be applied to the letter, and the game would change. Is football really that bad as it is? I notice it was quite a common sport pre-VAR....

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