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Sorry Nigel

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shut the door on the way out..

It is fast approaching the time when this board of directors have a major decision to make.. request the resignations of the 1st team management.

Nigel Worthington has done a fine job in his time here, but last season was a bridge too far.. Wigan and West Ham have already had success in the top flight away from home ..something City failed terribly to do.
So far this season this that trend has carried on against lesser opposition, with one unconvincing win in eight games and that against troubled Plymouth, Worthington seems unable to to turn things round.
He seems unable to attract players of the calibre thats needed , despite being one of the clubs with money, while others around us have brought in the targets they wanted. We go most of last season with the same central defenders, and now as soon as the window is shut we find out the manager isn''t happy with them and brings in a short term fix. Why ? Now surely he knew this in June/July.. the vast majority of fans can and could see this shortcoming.

I said give him 10 games to turn things round sadly, I can''t put my hand on my heart and say lets wait for the other two.. time is now to act before we get even futher behind and get caught up in another relegation dog fight, we sit with the grand total of 6 points out of a possible 24.

We are back to where we were when he took control, inconsistent, winning teams changed, Favourites always playing, strange decisions,
inadequate tatics, with still the same drivel eminating from him...work rate ..ethic ..I suppose now we will hear ...lets get safe from relegation first.... Sorry Nigel this is one season ticket holder who has had enough.

No doubt there will many of the KTF (Keep the faith) brigade who will critise me and defend him to the hilt. but a look back at our history will tell you...
There have been many better managers than Mr Worthington, who had more success, but they all came to the point where they could do no more... they either moved or were moved on. And he is no different.

I do wonder about comfortably, the club have a regular demand for tickets, season ticket sales are high. the ground is alway vitually full a nice parachute payment this season and next. Not many clubs in this league can boast this... Perhaps they are all confortable with out lot.. and do not wish to change things too much....and then there is the question of a golden handshake to pay to worthington ...

Mr Munby and the rest of the board..act now before this season is over already. and we face another few years in the wilderness. If they haven''t got the balls to do it..Then Nigel do the honourable thing and resign.

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