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Here's a idea Mr Farke

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Allow the players to mark the opposition. The second goal was woeful. Who was supposed to be marking their No 22 ?  Again theit No 14 for the 3rd ? Vrancic appears, makes a half hearted effort and then gives up. The most obvious is the fourth goal. Normally you see a bit a shirt tugging, bear hugging, tussling as defenders seek to mark their man as close possible. Ignore the goal and watch how much space each Millwall player has when the corner comes over. The City players in the box seem totally disinterested.This can only come from coaching. or similar. Anyone who has played football away from the park or school playground has it drummed into them to mark their player. Don''t get ball watching, so two or three of you go for the same ball. This is what it looks like with the first goal. Franke and Husband. Opposition players cannot be allowed to roam free without being marked. This is  an ongoing problem. One that opposition teams will have noted and so set out to exploit.. If Farke believes that is the way then, it might seem a bit rash,  he needs to go now. You cannot play football in this bizarre way. You need wiser heads in there. Players who are allowed to play their natural game, and not be expected to buy into what appears to be a very badly thought out experiment.

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