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Rasputin was a C...

At last he got it right for a change

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After many many many months of playing Mr Fleming Worthy finally realised today that he isn''t up to it anymore and look what happened. We kept a clean sheet, SHOCK HORROR. I must admit I wasn''t sure about Doherty getting a start ahead of Shacks but the boy did good today. Probably because he wasn''t having to cover for Phlegming. Davenport sounded as though he is "pure class" and anyone suggesting we should sign are living in a dream world as he isn''t going to be sold So when he leaves lets hope that Shackell is given his chance alongside Doherty and we don''t see a return for "the Cancer" that is Craig Fleming as his mistake spread throughout the team. Again we saw today how good a player Paul McVeigh is when played in his right position. He linked the midfield and the defence again brilliantly which is something we''ve lacked for quite a while. Having said all this we didn''t really turn up for the second half yet again and we were lucky that Ipswich didn''t make us pay. Lets hope we finally sort that out so we can get going at long last. Come on Worthy, you''ve made the first step now take the next and bring consistency to Norwich''s game play.

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