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Norwich MP

So about this Blur song everyone seems to think is brilliant...

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Norwich MP:

"Of course it matters when the song came out, hey, let''s start singing Britpop about pigeons and impotence and from decades ago at our new manager.

Also, were those songs not conceived in the era of the song?"


"We love you Paul McVeigh" from 2000-2010, original song was 1968

"Morrocan all over the world" for Safri, 2004-2007, with the original song from 1977


"On the first day of Christmas" for Huckerby, 2003-2008, with the original song from 1780

None of these were conceived in the same era - unless about 223 years is considered the same era, yet they were all popular.

Nothing wrong with the age of the song, as long as people are prepared to sing it and create some atmosphere.

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