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Why can't they see?

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Why, oh why can''t the board see?

Why can''t they see the tactical ineptitude that Worthington has recently blatently shown?

Why can''t they see that the players we have and brought in should be enough to tonk 9/10s of teams in this division?

Why can''t they see that Worthington''s team changes are always half a year too late?

Why can''t they see that our recent performances aren''t good enough?

Why can''t they see that Worthington saying "I don''t care about the fans" is dangerous to the club''s image and exceptionally loyal fanbase?

Why can''t they see that Worthington''s overall man management skills leave alot to be desired?

Most importantly, why can''t they see that it is unacceptable for a club who should be in the top six at least to be in the bottom six?

Who''s to blame? The players? Well, yes, of course. We''ve got the ability, why isn''t it clicking for them? They''ve had long enough to gel as a team. The staff? Also, yes. Surely it should be their job to turn this poor run around? To correct our mistakes that cost us dearly? But ultimate blame should be with the manager. Worthy should be the one ultimately overseeing everything - making sure the coaches are doing their job. Making sure the players are playing to their best. This is clearly not happening.

What''s needed? Well we can''t exactly change our entire playing staff. And we hardly need to, either - we''ve got plenty of talent here. What we need is a clear out of the other two areas. Start again, fresh, with a set of people with new ideas.

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