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Your funniest moment in football

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To lighten the mood........Can be anything from a 3rd eye to something you''ve witnessed at Carrow road!

My first ever away game was to Barnsley when I was about 15/16 (yes my mum finally let me go!) and a few of my mates finally felt we''d grown up and made it to the big time being leaving Norfolk without our parents or school for an afternoon.

We get to one of the coaches, eventually find some free seats after feeling like lambs to the slaughter and then the magic happened.....up steps a 40 year old chap dressed head to toe in full kit, socks pulled up with shin pads ready to go!

I guess you had to be there but 3 kids pretending to be adults on a bus full of adults pretending to be kids was priceless. I still think about that chap 20 years on bless him 👍🏻


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I think we have had a similar topic not long back so I might be able to offer maybe my third funniest moment.

We hired a coach to go and watch City at Palace in September 1972.

The usual thing of opening the cans as we left Palace Plain and by the time we got to Central London our bladders were at bursting point.

I''m can''t remember the area but we all piled out looking for a place to piddle (no time to wander round looking for a loo).

We found a spot and all of us bar one unzipped against a wall.

The bar one, whether he was shy or not I don''t know, decided to walk to the bottom of a slope down from said wall.

Can you imagine 30+ chaps piddling and the flow running down the slope straight onto the shoes and Oxford Bags of the shy one. Warm day as well.

And he had another 13 hours before we got back on the bus!

As an aside to that day. City won 2-0 and the were many delirious guys in Yellow and Green who left the ground and by now the Palace hoodlums had disappeared. We boarded the train to take us back into London. We hadn''t gone far when there was an almighty smashing of glass and loud bangs. The Palace lads were all sat on a parapet chucking house bricks at the train. Glad we didn''t have to clean up afterwards.

But the by now devoid of glass windows did give us some respite from the smell of the shy one!

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When I was 16 I went to a game with a couple of mates from school and two of us were smoking during a minutes silence (when smoking was allowed) and we heard mutterings behind how dreadful and disrespectful that was but there were a couple of younger kids (10-12 yr olds) behind eating hotdogs during the silence and nothing was said to them!

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