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Rudolph Hucker

Gary Docherty: headless chicken to Bald Eagle in one fowl swoop. Discuss.

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Further to my observations and tribute to ''The Doc'' here is the full version of his song....

and it''s still ''Daydream Believer.''


Oh! He''s on fire

Every match

Though his roof has little thatch

His tackles? No alarm: he''s never late

As he brings, down to size

Hull defenders - see him rise

His header hits the net

The Barclay sings


Dah! Dah! Dah!........


Gary Docherty

Rise majestically

He''s no

Mad headless chicken

He''s just

Bald Eagle-eeee.


We all thought we''d see

Norwich go down timidly

Now we know things change so rapidly

And our good times start again

As we''ve learned how to defend

Through Davenport and slimline Docherty

Dah! Dah! Dah!.......

(Repeat chorus)


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